We believe the next generation of Apps will be able to control the objects around you.  At Otheruse we have the expertise to design, prototype and build these low-power applications of connected physical objects, an Internet of Things.

Embedded hardware and software design

ARM, AVR, Arduino, MSP430, C, C++, low power applications, sensors.

Electronic  circuit design

Analog & Digital Circuit design. We currently have the capablities for prototyping & small batch development.

Internet service design & development

Java, GWT, Vaadin, Restlet, Pachube, common webtechnologies


Semantic (sensor) technology, computervision, general pattern recognition technology

Mobile applications

Android, Android USB accessory kit

Wireless technology

Dash 7, NFC, bluetooth & SigFox


Where possible we use an Open Hardware approach to design and open source tooling.

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