PCBA for prototyping IoT devices

Our Essemtec FOX pick and place allows us to quickly assemble IoT devices.


Lora Wan development

2-Way long range communication at adaptive bitrates for the IoT


IoT water pressure sensor

Time synchronised pressure measurements using either Sigfox, Lora or NB-IoT for sending data.


Hockey Tracker

Radar for tracking a hockey ball and measuring its speed.

Hockey Tracker

Research and Development

As alumni of the Delft University of Technology and TNO research and development and basic curiousity is what drives us forward. As such, we are always constantly aware of new technologies and fundamental ideas in the field of IoT, sensor technology, embedded computing and wireless technologies.


Proof of concept

Do you have a great idea for an Internet of things product? Just get in touch and together we explore its feasibility by actually building something that works.


Prototype design

Are you ready to have your proof-of-concept developed to full functionality and allow it to work for real? Do you want to do a full scale pilot with an end-customer? We help you get your IoT product manufacturable and the cost per unit scalable.


Design for manufacturing

During all of the stages of development of an IoT product we explicitly keep in mind the fact that some day the electronics actually need to be produced on a large scale. In addition, most of the time it is imperative to balance the cost per unit with the performance/functionality of your device.